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Normally you should find some more info about my private life and my private interests on this page.

Dune vista by John Schoenherr

Beside hanging around in front of computers a lot, I am interested in sports (jogging, cycling, fitness training, badminton, skiing, climbing) graphics and art (one main reason why I'm interested in computers too), cinema, literature, especially science fiction .

Because I regard all this as pretty normal hobbies, I won't tell you much more about it.


This is of course important enough to be mentioned here ;-)), as I would not be able to write and publish these pages without my machines.

Meanwhile six computers have piled up on my desk (selling the old ones is not an option as you would not get much money for them), five IBM-compatible PC's and one Palm Pilot m100 . One P90 with 32 MB RAM and a SCSI-harddisk which runs fli4l as a router for my DSL uplink at home. One (currently inactive) P133 with 48 MB RAM and a S3 graphics device, mostly kept as backup and for spare parts in case the P90 breaks down (I used this one to prepare my diploma-thesis). A much faster, but now also hopelessly outdated PII/300 with 256 MB RAM and a Matrox G200 graphics-adapter which now serves as a cheap surfing-machine for my parents (running Gentoo-Linux and thus preventing a lot of headaches regarding trojans, viruses and other malware), a AMD Duron 700 with 384 MB RAM and a GeForce 2 MX graphics-adapter on which I have installed Ubuntu-Linux and finally a really fast AMD Athlon64 with 1 GB RAM and a nVidia GeForce 6600 GT card running Fedora Core 3

Read my installation-notes regarding Gentoo-Linux and Fedora Core 3.

See also my review on Linux on Laptops which I compiled for the two machines I have used for my work.

Currently I have to cope with a Mac, but you won't find much info about Apple-computers on my site yet.

Tux cs.png I play Half-Life 2 (especially Counter-Strike Source ), Operation Flashpoint, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 4 and Flight Simulator with this machine (if I have the time).

If I don't play, I toy around with Linux and bioinformatics-tools, programming stuff and playing (again :-)) with POVRay, Blender and LaTeX . In addition I sometimes run a Game-server on local LAN-party's with friends (6-15 people at most). More recently I became a bit more fundamentalistic regarding operating systems, and had to cope with Wine and Cedega to get some of the Windows-stuff to work on my FC3-box.

STOP! That's it! Really! Nothing else to tell!

Pretty boring, eh? You have been warned.