Wine and Cedega

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Some unordered rants about Linux and Windows software.

Don't believe the hype

Wine is at version 1.0. Despite the fact, that there are long lists of programs, which are apparently running more or less stable on Wine, most of them (especially the "important" ones) simply don't.

Games anyone

Some image errors in Crossover Office beta 6 running CS:S Lost coast -unplayable
Not with Wine, except if you really, really like to play vintage games (Half Life 1, Counterstrike). All of the more recent stuff does not run stable enough to be playable -at least not for me (very exotic 32-bit FC3 installation on an AMD Athlon64 with 1 Gig RAM and a GeForce 6600 GT).

Same goes for Crossover Office. Although they claim, that their most recent version is able to run Counter Strike Source and WoW, my test showed something different. CX 6beta was buggy and showed severe display errors (see left) or had sound problems, making it even less usable than Cedega.


Some image errors in Cedega running CS:S
Pay 5 bucks (ok 15, because you can only get this as a 3-month subscription) and get a platform, which runs most popular Windows-games on Linux.


I did this until I had finished Half Life 2, and it did work mostly (if you can overlook some pretty anoying graphics glitches), it gave me only one reproducible crash.

Performance was approximately 3/4 of what you would expect under Windows from the same system. Installation was extremely easy though (insert CD, install, done) but the fact, that roughly every 3 weeks another bug creeps in (ok, from the STEAM side, but nevertheless), which rendered the Cedega-installation useless and required an update made this even worse.

Although Transgaming is a small shop, I would have expected a better product and better support (filing bug-reports was useless most of the time, as there was no decent answer (just stupid replies with links to the FAQ and knowledge-base)).

The bottomline: If you need Windows-programs, either run VMWare or Windows.