CentOS 4.3

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Had to setup an Opteron-Server machine with CentOS 4.3 for my job.


Operating system CentOS 4.3 x86_64, a RHEL clone (i.e. 64bit Linux)
CPUs 2x Dual-core AMD Opteron 275 2.2 GHz
Memory 8 GB
Motherboard Tyan Thunder K8S Pro Dual S940 DCR
Diskspace 500 GB RAID 1 Array
RAID Controller 3ware RAID-C SATA-2 9550SX-4LP

First installation-attempt failed due to a missing 3ware driver module. CentOS 4.3 provides a 3ware 9xxx module but no 3ware 95xx module, which is required for the 3ware RAID-C SATA-2 9550SX-4LP card used in the system (CentOS 4.4 comes with the updated driver by default).

For details see http://www.3ware.com/kb/article.aspx?id=14546, you should be able to download a driver module for CentOS 4.3 64 bit from there and install it with linux dd.

Downloaded archive

RedHat AS/ES/WS4 (update 3)/ CentOS 4.3 2.6.9-34.EL 64-bit Intel (EM64T) 64-bit or AMD (Opteron) 64-bit 56-3w-95xx_rhws4u3-installdisk-x86_64-

Content of the zip needs to be expanded onto a floppy disk and installed with linux dd, see the article for details.

I did a basic server install with minimal X support (the machine runs headless).


Installation of scientific (bioinformatics) software.

ToDo: Add installation notes.