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This is the personal homepage of Marc Sarić.

It includes infrequently updated stuff related to my current interests, as well as some background related to past things, like my studies, Ph.D. and Postdoc. There are also reviews of useful programs for Android, Symbian phones and Palm Pilots. And finally a few Linux-HowTos and some Python code.

As everybody left the open web to pay with their data for "free" access to social media platforms, I did the same. I can therefore be found on Xing, LinkedIn, StayFriends, Mastodon,X, GitHub, Flickr and I had a small, fat avatar called DoppelPommes Mayo on SecondLife. I am no longer active on Facebook because it sucks too much (even more so since 2018).

The earliest incarnation of this site went online around 1997, after the University of Bochum supplied a server for student-homepages (there has been an older parallel version hosted by a free homepage-provider, which dates from the end of 1996, written entirely in german -which means I am online for more than 25 years now :-) ) (however -looking back over this abyss of Internet-time, I am not quite sure I want people to look at the stuff I produced back then =8-[]).

Currently, the page runs on a MediaWiki, using the Chameleon skin with fixed header layout.

Between December 2002 and January 2006 the page has been hosted by, from January 2006 to December 2019 it resided on a virtual server at, and since December 2019, it is being hosted on The public URL has always been since 2006.

If your browser does not support Javascript, please use the sitemap for navigation (sorry for the inconvenience, but -hey- it's the 21st century, nobody really uses lynx anymore).

Since 25th of May 2018, the Internet got a lot safer by adding more legalese. Read the DSGVO-Disclaimer if you must.

The other legalese can be found here.